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Colourful Treats: Long-Tailed Parakeets at Lower Peirce Reservoir

Just on the tree above where I had parked the car: Advertisements

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Pacific Swallows at Lorong Halus

Seen at Lorong Halus …

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Red-Whiskered Bulbuls at Lorong Halus

Seen on the tree tops at Lorong Halus:

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Whoo-ooh, whoo-ooh say the Asian Koels

Male and female Asian Koels along Sungei Sembawang:

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Another well adorned local seen at Gurney Drive: A Collared Kingfisher

A Collared Kingfisher seen among the mangrove plants sprouting out in the mud off the promenade at Gurney Drive, Georgetown, Penang …

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Makan time at Gurney Drive

It seems like it not just us humans that visit Gurney Drive in George Town in search of good food ….

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A White-Throated Kingfisher along Lorong Halus

A White-Throated Kingfisher seen a Lorong Halus …

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